Exploring gastronomy

It is said that if you really want to get to know the town, its people and their customs, you have to sit at their table.

 If you regard yourself a gormand and like exploring new taste and various regional specialties, do not hesitate to travel to Nitra.

Nitra has a lot to offer visitors throughout the year as for gastronomy, it´s up to you to choose. A varied offer of cultural events, historical monuments, vacation and sports activities makes it an attractive urban destination.

The biggest gastronomic event in Nitra and its neighbourhood is undoubtedly the Nitra Festival of Tastes, which has over the years permanently placed to open the summer tourist season in the town during the first week of June. Restaurants, cafes, pubs and other businesses wishing to attend the festival as exhibitors must come from the Nitra region.

The Festival of Tastes has been given an additional title „Strawberry Nitra“ due to many strawberry growers in Nitra region. Therefore, it is likely that when you visit Nitra in June and would like to taste something with strawberry flavour, you will find strawberries from suppliers from nearby villages.

On the contrary, in autumn, chestnuts, typical for this region, grow in Jelenec chestnut farm near Nitra. This chestnut farm is the oldest and only locality in Slovakia where chestnuts naturally rejuvenate. This means that it behaves as if it were an original species here. In Nitra restaurants you can find seasonal delicacies and cakes with chestnut puree in pastry shops, such as unique so-called „chestnut tongues“.

We invite you to taste the best of all :)


Restaurant Rouge

The real gastronomic treasure Nitra offers is the restaurant Rouge located in the Hotel Mikado. Thanks to the concept of experiential cuisine, a seasonal menu, a fantastic wine card and a pleasant atmosphere, it was awarded the one of the best restaurants in Slovakia by the weekly magazine TREND.

The chef-led kitchen is known for its freshness, perfect combination of flavors and emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients. In addition, it is used modern methods of food preparation such as the „sous vide“ cooking method here. Whether serving a starter or a six-course menu, it is always served to please you with tasteful looks.



Restaurant in Manor House Mojmírovce

In the restaurant of Manor House Mojmírovce you can enjoy real culinary delights in an atmosphere breathing centuries-old history. Carrying the message of Count Huňady, the restaurant is decorated in a hunting style with lots of trophies and thematic paintings. You can choose from local and international dishes and fine-tune the gourmet experience with a bottle of exceptional wine from the local wine region or branded wine from a well-stocked wine cellar. The capacity of the restaurant is 50 seats. Next to the restaurant there are three lounges, which together with the restaurant offer space for 105 guests. The white lounge is used as part of the restaurant and used for serving breakfast for guests. Elegant lounges offer privacy for your business meetings, seminars and family celebrations. Romantic Pink lounge is ideal for parties, engagement, wedding anniversary celebrations and romantic dinner for couples. The stylish Music lounge is also used as a marriage room.



Castellum Café

Right bellow the walls of Nitra Castle you will find a café where you can enjoy great food and excellent coffee. Castellum Café enjoys a privileged location, set in the castle hill right in the historical heart of Nitra. The exceptional architectural design offers a breathtaking view of Nitra. The restaurant is also built to allow you to see the ancient castle walls. Some of them were uncovered during archaeological research during the construction of this building. This is the place where historical and contemporary architecture is brought together and we hope that your experience of Nitra Castle will be even more beautiful and intense after visiting the café.



Winery Topoľčianky

Winery Topoľčianky has continued the rich and successful tradition in wine making and offer its products under the trademark Château Topoľčianky. At present, it is one of the leading wine producers in the Nitra wine region. Wines produced by Château Topoľčianky are noted for a light, fresh and varietal taste. The wine portfolio includes a wide range of white and red varieties in the categories of quality wines and wines with special attributes. Its wines have won several prestigious awards at the world’s largest wine competition AWC Vienna.



Wine cellar in the Manor House Mojmírovce

Enjoy perfect wine experience in the 300-year-old vaulted brick wine cellar, located in the cellar of the manor house. The wine cellar breathes not only history but also art. Its extensive renovation works were done by the architect Viktor Šabík. The wine cellar with its wine bar was awarded by the international annual award of the world’s largest brick producer, Wienerberger, out of 260 entries from around the world. Its architect Viktor Šabík and his team won the Brick Award 2010 in Vienna. The atmosphere of the wine cellar with its wine bar is enhanced by a collection of 120 paintings from 24 artists based on wine and viticulture themes. If you are looking for a place to organize an interesting business event, bet on the perfect combination of a culinary experience in the style of ‘Meal and Wine harmony’. We will be happy to prepare a guided wine tasting with dinner or refreshments and live music that will make your guests experience unforgettable evening.

The capacity of the wine cellar is 50 seats.



Gio Caffé

During your walk in the town centre, you definitely won´t miss the main square with its fountain. In one of the adjacent streets you will find another sweet shop specializing in Italian coffee and cold delicacies: Gio Caffé, Nitra’s gelatine shop. The café was opened at the initiative of an Italian, a Nitra citizen who made his mind and started producing the Italian gelato, which he missed so much in Slovakia, here in Nitra. Gio Caffé offers gelato based on simple Italian recipes. Only fresh natural ingredients are used. Some of the ingredients are imported directly from Italy, but mostly they use Slovak ingredients.

On the first floor of the café there is a small lounge with sofas, tables and art decorations. It is a popular place to meet especially in winter, when you can no longer sit outside on the terrace and enjoy your ice cream. It is not only ice cream available on the menu, you will also find here coffee and gluten-free cakes.



Lyra Chocolate

Nitra is home for a chocolate factory that exports its products to the whole world. Lyra Chocolate is located in Ivanka pri Nitre, about ten kilometers from the town. The company is known to insist on following the principles of fairness in the growing and processing of cocoa beans in Ecuador and Colombia. Lyra Chocolate products belong to the most awarded products coming from Nitra. However, the visitors are not allowed to enter the factory due to strict health and safety regulations. Nowadays, the company itself distributes its own products, but they are also planning to open their own shops where chocolate tastings should be held.



Terra Wylak

Terra Wylak is the original name of the village Veľké Zálužie. Winery is known for the production of high-quality and varietal wines. Located in a quiet environment and complemented by a cozy guest house, the winery is an ideal place for an unforgettable tasting experience under the guidance of an experienced vintner Roman Holec.



PD Mojmírovce

Winery PD Mojmírovce focuses mainly on the production of high-quality wines with special attributes. All processed grapes come exclusively from its own vineyards. For the visitors of the winery an excursion to the recently opened cellars can be arranged, which are part of the vineyards, or they can enjoy a glass of good wine in the stylish tasting room.



Brewery Trogár

Enjoy beer after a tasty lunch. Even in this respect Nitra is not keeping behind. The renaissance of local beer production in the small breweries can also be observed in Nitra. The brewery Trogár was the first to decide to return the brewing industry to Nitra, when it was opened in October 2013 in the oldest private family-run tavern „U vlka“ in Nitra.

The beer here is brewed without preservatives and additives, using only basic ingredients such as hops, malt, brewer’s yeast and water, by so-called „top fermentation“. The beer can be distinguished by its natural taste maturity, full color and distinctive hop taste ending. Thanks to domestic production method, it is never exactly the same.



Good People´s Tearoom

One of the extraordinary places in Nitra is the Good People´s Tearoom situated opposite the Synagogue. Teashop owners have travelled across Japan, China, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Taiwan and visited places where the highest quality tea is produced. “We are happy that we can bring people closer to the world of tea,” they say.

In one of the online reviews, the tea shop visitor recommends this place not only as one of the top attractions in Nitra, but also as one of the obligatory stops on the way around Slovakia.