Active and by foot

On Foot across Ponitrie

You can go on a ramble through a variety of terrains – through forests, hills, hilltops, pilgrimage sites or hiking trails.

You can just as well walk through our towns and cities on foot. They are small and most attractions are within walking distance. In Nitra, the pedestrian zone, which winds from the city centre to the A. Bagar Theatre, will make your journey easier. From there, you can continue to the park or walk along the river, for example. If that’s too far, you can use shared scooters.
Also in Topoľčany and Mojmírovce you have everything within reach of your own feet.

Hiking in Ponitrie

The Most Beautiful Hiking Trails

Most of the hiking trails in the Ponitry are easy and will offer you interesting views, lookout points, monuments and other attractions along the way.

More about hiking


Tips for hikers around the Zobor hill

Our hiking guide Peter Michalík guides you in a short (Slovak) video through interesting places that can be reached on foot.