About us

Nitra Tourist Board was founded in 2012. It is an independent legal authority based on the law No. 91/2010  about the support of tourism, registered by  the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the SR. Founding members are:

The City of Nitra; Roman Catholic Church; Veolia Transport Nitra, ltd.; Agrokomplex – Nitra Exhibition place, state enterprise; LL real invest, ltd.

The organization has been created by a course of the national strategy of the develpment of tourism and it represents a  modern system of strategic management of  a tourist destination. It works on principles of the public-private partnership, whereas it unifies self-governing, entrepreneurial and other subjects functioning in the destination.

Therefore the task of the organization is to roof over the organized cooperation among the largest  possible number of subjects, which create and influence the experience of the visitor and it also provides protection of interests of its members.

Within the effective development of tourism in Nitra region and  an aim to create an  attractive locality for “experience tourism” with the  busy city life and tourist attractions, we feel the necessity of close cooperation with subjects having a  potencial in tourism and willing to share this common aim.

As a destination management organization we realize and plan to organize activities oriented on

increasing the number of visitors in our destination, their expenditures during the stay, the prolongation of the number of days spent in the destination as well as a creation of opportunities for travelling of residents with the aim of discovering, entertainment, amusement and cultural experience.

In the first year of our activity, Nitra Tourist Board has started various “adventurous activities” to support the  tourism. We organized sight-seeing tours throughout the city and surroundings of Nitra by a traditional London double-decker, we put into practise the event of “Revival of the Settlement  Round the Castle” at the Nitra castle. We regularly support events that take place in the city of Nitra, and in the near future we are going to organize the project “Strawberry Nitra”, that will be based on the “weekend packages” and stays with accommodation and with interesting accompanying programme.

Our vision of the next year is an active creation of vacation packages, in which there will be a combination of services provided by our members.

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