In Water

Find activities you can do in the refreshing water element as soon as the temperatures break through the magic threshold. We have reservoirs, rivers and swimming pools.




The well-known recreational (and somewhat retro) resort can be found near the village of Prašice in the Topoľčany district. There is a beach, a car camp and gastronomic services.

Sandy beach in Zemné

Sandy beach on Váh river

Enjoy the water, fine sand and calmly flowing water at the village Zemné. You will also find gastronomy and a beach volleyball court.

Camp Komoča

Sandy Beach in Komoča

Just a short distance away is a similar beach with both a cafeteria and toilets. The difference is that you can camp here.

Lidos and Swimming Pools

Municipal swimming pool in Nitra

City Lido in Nitra

In the beautiful surroundings of Nitra’s Sihota Park you will find two relaxation pools, one swimming pool, two children’s pools and a water slide. You won’t miss the playgrounds, buffets or sun loungers.

Swimming pool in Mojmírovce Manor

Swimming pool in Mojmírovce Manor

In the Mojmírovce Manor you will find a swimming pool and a sauna.

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