Trip to Topoľčianky


Topoľčianky is a small town, yet it offers many diverse attractions. Choose your route and day, the rest you will find on the spot.

Topoľčianky Castle

Topoľčianky Castle

You can start, for example, in its park, where you will find hidden small lakes, peacocks and meadows perfect for walks or picnics. In the same chateau you can also have a meal or a thirst-quencher.

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The bison preserve

The bison preserve

There are not many places in Slovakia where you can observe these majestic and powerful animals in the wild. One of them is located not far from Topoľčianky. However, be prepared to leave your car at the entrance and a short, easy walk will take you to the bison themselves. If you have younger children, take them for example a bicycle or a bicycle.

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National Stud Topoľčianky

National Stud Topoľčianky

The National Stud Farm is famous for breeding Lipizzaner horses, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the meantime. You can visit the historic riding stables on weekend afternoons. Be sure to check the calendar of events before your trip.

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Cellar Chateau Topoľčianky

Château Topoľčianky

It is one of the largest wineries in Slovakia. Its tradition dates back to 1723 and you can taste their wines either during smaller tasting events or during the big wine festivals in spring and autumn. Typical for this winery are especially the varieties of green Veltliner, white Riesling, pinot blanc, blue franc or pinot noir.

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Scooters from Hrušov Castle

Scooters from Hrušov Castle

From Topoľčionky you can take an easy route to Hrušov Castle, which offers a nice view of the whole surrounding area. Volunteers are constantly repairing and improving it, it is worth seeing their work. You can go back by the same route, but it is also more fun and faster – for example on scooters.
By the way, on the way to Hrušov Castle you may also be lucky enough to see horses grazing.

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Extra tip

Trout paradise

Trout paradise

If you want to combine experience with gastronomy, visit Trout Paradise, which is just outside Topoľčany. You can catch your own trout, which will then be prepared for you to eat.

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Tip for those in love

Old School Apartments

If you decide to extend your stay or spend a longer time wandering or wine tasting, you can stay overnight, for example, in the new apartments in the Old School.

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Hotel Hradná stráž

If you stay in the centre of Topoľčany, you can also use the Castle Guard Hotel, which is in front of the English Park. It is named after the honorary castle guard that was placed here by T. G. Masaryk.

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