Mojmírovce Village lays 15 km south of Nitra. First written mention of Mojmirovce, a village with rich history, comes from year 1156. There are several imposing buildings there. In the village square, the most interesting is baroque building of Roman-Catholic vicarage and the Church of St. Ladislav. In the park with many protected and rare trees, there is originally baroque chateau and a stud farm that belonged to house of Hunyadi. Rich historical heritage of the village is on show in the newly created Regional Museum Mojmírovce.

The old chateau building, which served as summerhouse, is the home of the museum and since 2011 listed on National Cultural Heritage List. Regional Museum Mojmirovce opened to the public on the 1st May 2016 and currently offers permanent and temporary expositions, which are closely related to the history of the village as well as the national history. Most treasured are surviving part of the old parish library and so called “Silver Treasure of Mojmirovce”, which is on loan from the collection of Slovak National Museum. As well as the precious exhibits, visitors can see examples of period furniture in the Tea Salon and exhibition dedicated to the most important families in the village. Families of which, individual members belonged, in their status and function at the Emperor’s court in Vienna, but also in Hungarian part of the monarchy, to active contributors of our national history. In the museum cellars is located exhibition dedicated to wine making heritage. The museum offers to pupils and students various educational activities connected to regional and national history.

Chateau Mojmírovce*** built in 1721 is currently a three star hotel surrounded by old English park. Today it is providing to its guests unique historical, cultural and artistic (Icons Salon, Björnson Salon, Tolerance Hall, Grassalkovitch Salon, corridor with copies of the world most famous paintings, etc.) and educational atmosphere supported by the good quality service. Besides the food for the soul, chateau offers in form of massages, also modern wellness (dry Finnish sauna with cooling pool,  steam herbal and salt sauna, showers with rain shower heads, “bucket of courage”, Kneipp bath and relaxation room), 25m indoor swimming pool, bowling and 25m covered shooting range for hand guns. In addition, there is unique 300 years old wine cellar that is used as a salon for the 100 best Slovak wines. The most famous stud farm in Austro-Hungary serves as a congress hall. Hotel provides accommodation in two living quarters with total capacity of 85beds. In 45 rooms and 3 apartments directly within the chateau and close by, refurbished annex – Stud Farm, you can find combination of history, calm environment, and comfortable accommodation. Chateau’s history and unique atmosphere in harmony with antique core of the building are mirrored in the new, modern look of the rooms. Striking colour distinction of tapestries and high ceilings, give rooms spacious feel and peaceful atmosphere.

The pride of Mojmírovce is not only its beautiful chateau but also splendid wine. Favourable climate and fertile land create favourable growing conditions for local vineyards. On current 383 acres, we grow several varieties of vines. The largest representation has Gruner Veltliner, Müller Thurgau, Chardonnay, Welschriesling, Rhine Riesling, Lemberger, and Cabernet Sauvignon.