Topoľčianky village is every year becoming more and more sought after travel destination owing to its abundant places to visit. The marvel of the village is undoubtedly Chateau Topoľčianky, which used to be the residence of granddaughter of the Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Sisi – Augusta Habsburg and her family. The first Czechoslovak Republic president T. G. Masaryk also regularly visited the chateau. Hotel Zámok Topoľčianky is classicistic chateau monument surrounded by extensive English park and is a part of Natural Cultural Heritage. Three renaissance wings of the chateau form current part of a hotel. The ground floor occupies dining and function rooms. There is also an important chateau library with more than 14 thousand books. Chateau has 33 standard double rooms, 4-LUX doubles, and 13 extra beds. The hotel premises are suitable for holding congresses, training days, seminars, symposiums, business meetings, or presentations. The congress service also offers rental of presentation equipment. Chateau restaurant offers good quality cuisine and exciting culinary experience.

Park Topoľčianky that surrounds the chateau is also part of National Cultural Heritage and belongs to the most important natural landscape parks of Slovakia. In style, it is English style park, which basic requirement is to be as close as possible to natural landscape. Park consists of open spaces complemented by groups of trees, water areas, and small architecture and finally it blends into natural landscape.

Ethnographic Museum Topoľčianky is part of the village since 1984 and documents way of life of our predecessors. Another gem is National Stud Farm „Topoľčianky, which is currently one of the most significant stud farms in the world. This is a specialised facility for horse breeding.

Local Hippology Museum Topoľčianky documents horse-breeding tradition in Slovakia. Hippological collection consisting of more than three thousand valuable artefacts, offers to visitors complete insight to horse breeding and their use in society.

From gastronomic point of view, Topoľčianky are well known for wine making. The Chateau Topoľčianky brand represents wine making tradition that was established in 1933. Tradition actually goes back as far as 1723 when Count Keglevich de Busin invited qualified wine makers from Dalmatia, his birthplace, and started to plant first vineyards. First Chateau Topoľčianky branded wine was made in 1933 and in 1947; this brand of wine was for the first time exported to United States of America. In 1993 comes re-birth of winemaking in Topoľčianky when the cellars became a private company. Currently the company manages over 1235 acres of exclusive vineyards in Nitra Wine Region and South Slovak Wine Region. Full bodied and extractive wines are made by controlled fermentation and they perfectly represent the terroir of their origin. Large proportion of red wines is maturing in classic wooden barrels and good quality white wines are waiting in stainless steel tanks. Today, Chateau Topoľčianky perfectly presents revival of winemaking heritage, which reaches as far as the First Czechoslovak Republic and production with over six million bottles per year makes it one of the leaders in wine production in Slovakia.

There are several accommodation facilities for the village visitors. One of them is Hotel Hradná stráž. Hotel is located in the front part of the English park between beautiful chateau and National Stud Farm. Function rooms are suitable for many different training days, seminars, or smaller conferences. Hotel is also suitable as a wedding venue of your dreams. Hotel has a “sauna world” which consists of Finnish and steam sauna, infra sauna, shower massage, and relaxing room. The wide range of services supplements double bowling alley in stunning refurbished hotel. Hotel capacity is 10 double rooms, 6 double apartments, and 2 extra beds.

Just 6 km from Topoľčianky, in Lovce village, there is unique Bison Park. It was set up in 1958 and the whole facility is protected study area focusing on protection and preservation of Bison. The Bison Park attracts visitors particularly at the feeding time of these majestic animals.

Hrušov Castle ruins from the 13th century are direction of easy hiking trail. Castle’s importance rose in the 14th century, after the king acquired it, it became the centre of the manor with rich gold bearing rivers. In 1708, the empire’s army plundered Hrušov and since then it was abandoned. Leustach, a community association from Nitra, is working on saving the ruins since 2004. As of 2016 summer tourist season, visitors can book scooter hire and ride scooters all the way down from the ruins to Topoľčianky.