“Welcome to the official website of the Nitra Tourist Board, where you can find a lot of information how to spend unforgettable moments in Nitra and its surroudings. “

10 good reasons to visit Nitra

  1. You will live the story
  2. You will discover history
  3. You will taste strawberry and chestnut delicatessen, traditional regional wine
  4. You will see precious works in galleries and museums
  5. You will meet legends of Nitra
  6. You will listen to the concerts at the unconventional places
  7. You will smell the flowers in the botanical garden
  8. You will touch the handmade souvenirs
  9. You will shop in the modern shopping centers and also at the traditional markets
  10. You will be the part of the atmosphere of the ancient                                                                                                             city with Cyril-Methodian tradition


10 recommended activities in Nitra


  1. Tours around the Upper and Lower town
  2. Walks and events in the city park
  3. Cycling
  4. Agritourism
  5. Wine routes and cellars
  6. Shopping
  7. Tasting of the regional food
  8. Theater performances
  9. Sports activities
  10. Visit of the cultural events