In the morning you will visit the village Hronský Beňadik with our tour guide who will guide you through the Church and unique Benedictine monastery, which was declared a national cultural monument. Here you can see a rare relic of Christ`s blood. It is a fragment of Veronica`s cloth stained by Christ`s blood, which was given by Pope Paul II to King Matthias Corvinus. The relic is stored in Church`s Holy Blood Chapel.

After a tasty lunch you will continue in exploring the religious monuments in the centre of Nitra. You will visit the Church of St. Ladislav in Piaristická Street, Synagogue, Virgin Mary`s Visitation Church from 1852 and St. Michael`s Chapel from 1739.

At the end of our tour you will taste Nitra mead directly in the 300-year-old historical cellar. Do not miss this unique experience and come to explore sacral monuments of Nitra.


For more information visit, call 0911 392 860 or write to


Price: 20 €/person, Seniors (Ages 65+) 15 €/person, minimally group of 15 persons


Price includes: tour guide, transport from Nitra to Hronský Beňadik and back, visit of the church and monastery in Hronský Beňadik, 1x lunch, visit of 4 churches in the centre of Nitra, mead tasting and visit of the Mead museum


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