Experience with us wandering in the footsteps of Nitra legends and discover the beauty of the Lower and Upper Town of Nitra. In setting filled with history you will hear legends about Corgoň and martyr St. Emerammus. We will tell you the story of the tragic fate of Prince Vazul. You will learn how to recognize the castle ghosts and also about their habits. We guarantee that you will learn the recipe on how to ask the miracle statue to make your wishes come true. At Nitra Castle you can relax with a cup of coffee or soft drink and discover the beauty of the cathedral.


It is possible to order tasting of your choice: Nitra mead with excursion of the 300-year-old cellar (3 €), chocolate (2 €), regional wines (10 €) or coffee (2 €).


For more information visit www.visitnitra.eu, call 0911 392 860 or write to info@nocr.eu. If necessary, we can arrange transport.




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